Sunday, January 30, 2011

Steamed Rice Cake/ Fatt Koh

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Today i steamed Fatt Koh for the kids, i need to test on the "Chow Peang" that i've made and put in the fridge earlier. Luckily it is still good, so i will be able to have nice and rise high  Fatt Koh this year . When heard my friends mention Fatt or Fat, then reminds me of making this earlier just to make sure the yeast is still good........I've made 13 Fatt Koh today, the kids wacked 8 of it, will make some again on the Chinese New Year Eve. I like making Fatt Koh cause it is so fluffy and it is like smiling to me. "Fatt" means prosperity, once again i  want to wish everyone "Gong Xi Fa Chai"!!!
Fatt Koh/Huat Koh
   Preparation for the rice mixture  :

   250  gm cooked rice
   1      teaspoon wine biscuit
   11/2 teaspoon water, add 1 teaspoon sugar
   (mix all above ingredients and put into a air-tight glass container for 2 days, REMEMBER! must
    keep in a warm place( i put it in the garage), when is ready the mixture should be watery sometimes
    with bubbles
    Method   :

   Boil 2 rice bowl (300gm) water with 11/2 cup sugar. Leave it to cool, set aside.

   Use 14 ounces of rice flour to mix combine with the cold sugar water.

    Into a blender add in the mixture of 100gm cooked rice and sugar water and blend it on high speed, 
    add in 11/2 teaspoon Eno and food coloring. Mix well and steamed it for 25 minutes.


Fatt Koh / Huat Koh

Steamed Rice Cake

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