Monday, February 21, 2011

Macaroni Soup With Ham And Egg (Hong Kong Style Breakfast)

 A very famous and popular Hong Kong style breakfast, Macaroni Soup With Ham And Egg Soup. A lot of Hong Kong people like to eat macaroni, i have noticed that. During my visit to Hong Kong in 1997, eventually we were eating this every morning. Not only this, i remember their ketcup pork chop is very tasty too. I was staying at Diamond Hill nearby Wong Tai Sin Temple. There is a cafe across the street where we go there for breakfast and lunch sometimes for dinner too. 
Most of the Hong Kong people prefer to eat out rather than cooking at home cause their kitchen is very small, the laundry room is located at the kitchen and they even need to hang their clothes on the small balcony right next to the kitchen. However this is a memorable visiting, i was staying at their house for 3
nights, emmm !! I kinda of miss them now, those were the days, before i got married and got my own family. My daughters always request this for breakfast. I believe your children will like it too.
Macaroni Soup With Ham And Egg ( Hong Kong Breakfast)
   Ingredients    :

   11/2        cup macaroni
   3             slices of ham
   3             large eggs
   2             can chicken broth
   1/2          cup water
   1             stalk green onion, trim and cut small into small pieces
   1/2          teaspoon salt
   1/2          teaspoon pepper powder

    Method    :

    Open can, pour chicken broth and water into a pot. Add in the macaroni, bring it to boil and simmer 
    on low heat for 15 minutes until macaroni becomes soften.

     While simmering the macaroni, fry ham and eggs. Set aside.

     Ladle the macaroni into three separate bowls, place ham and egg on top of the macaroni.

     Sprinkle green onion and serve.


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