Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wheat Porridge Dessert (Muk Chok Tong Sui)

I remember when i was a kid, the morning market at my village sells delicious Wheat Porridge. I like the creamy and sweetness of this dessert. Not only this dessert, there are many many more sweet and yummy ''tong sui'' at the village. 
Again, my second daughter loves this the most. She is called the ''dessert queen'' and ''candy girl'' in the family because she loves sweets and desserts. Some people say chocolate makes you happy but to me is different, i believe any ''tong sui'' can make me happy especially this one !!!

 Wheat Porridge Dessert(Muk Chok Tong Sui)
    Ingredients    :

    220 g         wheat
    150 g         rock sugar or sugar to taste
    2                liter water
    3                pieces screwpine leaf, wash and tie knot
    1                can coconut milk
    1/2             teaspoon salt

     Method    : 

     Soak wheat in water for several hours, (i soaked it overnight).

     Place the water and wheat, lock lid and bring it to pressure on high for 30 minutes.

     Open lid, add rock sugar and screwpine leaf, switch to medium heat and pressure for another  20

     Pour in salt and coconut milk, re- boil and serve.




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