Friday, January 14, 2011



Cut vegetables
   Ingredients    :

   1-2         Cucumber ( cored and slice into strips)
   1            Carrot ( peel and slice into strips)
   100        gm white radish/ jicama ( peel and slice into strips)
   80          gm long bean or green bean ( cut )
   150        gm cabbage ( cut into 2.5cm squares) 
   80          gm pineapple (peel and cored) 
   80          gm peanut ( dry fry and crushed)
   5            gm sesame seed (dry fry and crushed)
   2-3         ounces shrimp paste( belachan)
   1-2         stalk lemon grass
   3-5         gm fresh turmeric or 21/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
   1-2         clove garlic
   3            shallot bulb 
   2-3         chili padi 
   2            tablespoon water
   2            teaspoon curry powder
   1/2         teaspoon chili powder
   3            dash pepper powder
   1/4         cup distilled vinegar
   1/4         cup sugar ( add 1-2 spoon if want to be sweeter)
   2-3         tablespoon cooking oil

    To make chili paste   :
    Blend lemon grass,garlic, shallot, chili padi, turmeric with water, set aside.

    Methods   :

    Into a mixing bowl, rub sugar on slice cucumber and add distilled vinegar,mix well and set aside
    for 1-2 hours. Drain and squeeze out the water with excess liquid. Keep the liquid for later use.

    Boil some water and blanch all the vegetables except cucumber, one type of vegetable at a time.
    Blanch for 10- 15 seconds. Drain the vegetables in a colander or pat dry with paper towel.

    Heat the wok with cooking oil, add shrimp paste/belachan and fry on medium to low heat for
    1-2 minutes. Pour in the blended chili paste to fry for 2-3 minutes, keep stirring until fragrant.
    Pour in 2 tablespoon of the sugar and vinegar liquid into the chili paste, add pepper powder, pinch 
    of salt. Check and taste seasoning, add some sugar if needed. Leave it aside to cool and mix with
    all the vegetables,peanut and sesame for topping. Serve it cold.



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