Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinese Steamed Red Snapper

Today hubby call backed while he was on the way home to ask what's for dinner. He told me he wants nothing but only a steam fish. OMG! it takes him 15 minutes to reach home. Luckily this morning I defrosted 2 red snappers. It takes me less than 15 minutes to prepare and steam the fish. By the time I heard the garage door open a plate of delicious steamed red snapper is served. Phew!!!
Steamed Red Snapper
    Ingredients    :

    1        whole red snapper with tail and head
    1/2     teaspoon salt
    1/2     teaspoon oyster sauce
    1        teaspoon light soy sauce
    1 - 2   drop of sesame oil
    2        teaspoon oil ( i use shallot oil)
    3        dash of pepper powder
    A pinch of sugar
    1        knob of ginger ( peeled and cut approx 20 slices) 
    1        stalk green onion ( cut into 2-inch)
    1        fresh red chili ( optional)

    Method   :

    Clean and scale the fish, wipe it to dry with paper towels.

    If you like make two or three diagonal cut on each side of the fish ( i didn't)
    Rub the fish with a little bit salt.

    Bring a large pot of water to boil, when it's boiling put the fish in to steam for 10 - 13 minutes 
    (depending on the size of the fish)

    While the fish is steaming, prepare the sauce , put the above ingredients except the green onion, 
    cilantro and fresh red chili (optional) 

    When the fish is ready, drizzle the sauce over the fish, garnish it with green onion, cilantro and fresh 
    red chili (optional) 

    Add more  shallot oil and pepper powder on the top of the fish, if desire.

    Serve while it's hot. 



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