Friday, January 14, 2011

Eggplant Stir-Fry Ground Meat

Eggplant Stir-Fry Ground Meat

   Ingredients   :

   2      large eggplant, cut
   100  g ground meat, marinate with 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 corn starch and pinch of sugar
   2      cloves garlic, mince
   3      ginger slice
   1/2   teaspoon bean sauce
   1      stalk green onion, trim and chop
   1      teaspoon oyster sauce
   1/2   teaspoon sugar
   1/4   teaspoon corn starch, mix with 2 teaspoon water
   1/4   teaspoon preserved black bean ( tau see)
   enough oil to deep fry the eggplant
   salt to taste

    Method   :

    In a large wok, prepare oil to fry eggplant. Deep fry the eggplant until golden brown about 20 seconds
    Dived to two or three batches to deep fry. Removed from wok and place it in a strainer to drain out oil

    Remove oil from wok and remain 1/2 teaspoon oil in the wok. Adjust heat to medium, add in the
    marinated ground pork, bean sauce and cook until fragrant or about 1- 2 minutes.

    Add in pre-fried eggplant, oyster sauce, sugar, preserved black bean( tau see), salt to taste. Adjust taste 
    if needed.

    Stir in the corn starch mixture and continue to mix well until everything in the wok coated with gravy.
    Dump in the green onion, mix well and dish up.




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