Friday, January 21, 2011

Fried Tomato Egg

A simple yet delicious and easy to prepare dish, Fried Tomato Egg. Only very few ingredients are needed and my four thousand gold loves it very much. Not only them actually as it is my favorite too, it is very scrumptious and can be enjoyed just by itself.
Fried Tomato Egg
   Ingredients      :

   5 - 7      Eggs (Deep Fried or Regular Fried Whole Egg according to your preference)
   1/3        Cup of Tomato Sauce
   3           Tablespoon  Water
   1/2        Teaspoon Sugar
   1/2         Cup of Cooking Oil  ( For frying only)
   1            Whole Fresh Tomato/Cut ( Optional)
    Methods         :

   Hard-boil the eggs, peel the egg shells.
   Heat cooking oil in skillet or wok high to medium, fry the whole peeled eggs 
   until golden brown, remove the eggs and leave only 1/2 teaspoon oil in the wok,
   Stir in the tomato sauce and water, add fresh cut tomato (optional)  keep stirring for about 1/2 minute   and place the fried eggs, add sugar, stir and it's all ready!! Your yummylicious eggs can be served...........

   Enjoy this recipe and once again, I would like to thank ALL of you out there for your support! I couldn't have channeled my passion towards this food blog today without all of your encouragement. Thank YOU! 

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