Friday, January 14, 2011

Kai Lan Shrimp Fried Rice

Kai Lan Shrimp Fried Rice
   Ingredients    :

   1 - 2          bowls of cooked white rice ( can use leftover rice, steam)
   1-2            stalk of Kai Lan /Chinese Kale ( wash and cut 2-inch)
   1               stalk green onion ( wash, cut small slice)
   30 - 50      gm shrimp ( deveined and add a pinch of sugar )
   11/2          teaspoon salt
   1               teaspoon light soy sauce
   1 - 2          drops dark soy sauce
   2               drops of sesame oil
   2 - 3          dash pepper powder
   1               teaspoon sugar
   2               eggs 
   1/2            teaspoon oyster sauce
   2               teaspoon vegetable cooking oil

    Methods     :

    Heat up the wok or skillet medium to high, pour in the cooking oil, add in the shrimp, fry for 1/2
    minute, add in the Kai Lan/Chinese Kale and continue to fry, add the eggs and scramble. Add in
    cooked white rice and all the spices. You can add more or less salt, sugar or light soy sauce to enhance
    the flavor of the rice. Best homemade fried rice is serve.


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