Monday, January 24, 2011

Seafood Yin Yeong Wat Tan Hor

Seafood Ying Yeong Wat Tan Hor

    Ingredients    :

    300   gm             flat rice noodle ( hor fun)
    80     gm             rice noodle ( beehoon)
    10                       shrimp, peeled and dehead
    20     gm             fish cake, cut slices
    4                         fish balls, cut into two pieces
    3                         squid, clean and cut into pieces
    120   gm             pork belly or lean pork, cut in slices, add 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp corn starch and 1/2 oil
    1/2    cup            water, mix with corn starch and set aside.
    3       tablespoon corn starch
    1                         egg
    3       slice           ginger
    2       cans           chicken broth or 800 ml water
    1       teaspoon    salt
    1/2    teaspoon    sugar
    1/2    teaspoon    pepper powder
    1/2    teaspoon    soy sauce
    1/2    pound        yu choy ( choy sum) or napa cabbage
    11/2  teaspoon    cooking oil
    1/2    teaspoon    dark sauce
    1       teaspoon    soy sauce

     Method     :

     Heat oil to high and fry the rice noodle to golden brown or crunchy. Set aside.

     Heat the wok high add 11/2 teaspoon oil, fry the flat noodle( hor fun) with dark sauce and soy sauce
     until the noodle combine with black color and soften. Removed from wok.

     To prepare the gravy, pour the chicken broth or water in a pot to boil, when is boiling add in the pork
     and all the seafood. Add in the yu choy or napa cabbage and let it simmer for a while. Add in salt, 
     sugar, pepper powder.

     Stir in the corn starch mixture, this is to thicken the gravy. When the gravy is thicken crack in the egg
     and turn of the stove or remove the pot from the heat. Mix well the ingredients in the pot and pour in 
     the previous fry flat noodle( hor fun)

    Serve in separated plate with chili padi or pickled green chilies.




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