Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stir-fry leftover chicken and roast pork

Chinese New Year is approaching, i think it is not too late to post up this recipe cause i'm pretty sure every family will have blanch chicken and roast pork for dinner on the Chinese New Year  Eve. Not only that, on the second day of Chinese New Year "hoi nin" we need to blanch chicken too. Which means we will be having a lot of leftover chicken and meat.What do you like to do with the leftover meat? As for me, my mom use to cook this for us with all the leftover meat. It is only meant for leftover meat, not advisable to make this with fresh chicken. The other day i've made Hainanese Chicken therefore i have some leftover meat to make this dish. I hope this will  give you some idea to cook your leftover meat during this festive season.
Stir-fry leftover chicken and roast pork

   Ingredients   :

   Leftover Chicken/Roast Pork ( or mixed together)
   4 - 5       Clove Garlic ( peel and mince)
   5 - 6       Ginger          (peel and cut slice)
   1 - 2       Stalk Green Onion ( wash & cut into 3-inch piece)
   20          gm cilantro    ( wash & cut into 3-inch)
   1 - 2       teaspoon sugar
   2            teaspoon water (can use chicken soup if have)
   1 - 11/2  teaspoon light soy sauce
   1/2         teaspoon dark soy sauce
   2            teaspoon cooking oil

   Method    :

   Heat the wok or skillet to high, pour in cooking oil, add ginger and stir-fry for awhile,
   add in the garlic, stir-fry for another 1/2 minute, and dump in all the leftover meat, continue to
   stir-fry the meat for another 1-2 minutes, add water or(soup), light soy sauce, sugar, dark soy sauce,
   keep stirring for another 1/2 minute. Add green onion and cilantro, mix well and scoop it up to a bowl
   or plate. Serve while its hot. This is like another fresh cook dish made from leftover meats. Let's try.



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