Friday, January 7, 2011

Tomato Red Wine Mussel

Fresh Mussel is one of the seafoods i always eat, it is easy to cook and not very expensive.I can say there are many kinds of ways to prepare mussel, the most simple and easier way it just to boil/steam it until they open. Today i brought a box from the market and i only cooked half of it.It is very simple to prepare  My daughter told me that she wanted to eat mussel therefore this is specially meant for her. This dish only takes me a few minutes to prepare and cook. It is cooked from red wine but don't worry, it won't make you drunk!!!

  Ingredients  :

  Mussel              1     pound (cleaned, removed beards)
  Tomato             1     ( washed, cut cubes)
  Garlic                2     cloves ( finely chopped)
   Red Wine         3     tablespoon
   Rosemary        1/2   teaspoon
   Tomato Diced  8     ounces 
   Salt                   1/2  teaspoon
   Olive Oil          1/2  teaspoon

   Method  :

   Heat the olive oil on medium to high in a large heavy bottomed pan and add chopped garlic, saute it    
   for about 1 - 2 min, put in the mussel, splash of red wine, stir it and add tomato diced. Cover the pan 
   with a lid and allow it to cook for awhile, 1 - 2 minutes.
   Open the lid, add rosemary and salt, stir and mix well.



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