Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arrowhead Chips ( Nga Ku Peang)

Arrowhead Chips, in Malaysia they call it "Nga Ku", in US we call it  "Chi-ku", i thought i won't be able to have "Nga Ku Peang" this year cause the other day i went to the Chinatown there is no sign of any Arrowhead yet. One of my friend is very kind to buy me some yesterday. I personally find that this chips is tastier than and any other chips, don't want to mention about the brands. It is very easy to make this, just need to peel, wash and fry. it only takes me less than an hour to fry everything. There is something you must know is Arrowhead are only available during Chinese New Year, it is a goodie to me, what about you? I will be using the leftover Arrowhead to cook Stir-fry BBQ Pork, coming soon!!!
Arrowhead Chips  ( Nga Ku Peang)

Arrowhead Chips  (Nga Ku Peang)

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