Friday, February 25, 2011

Chicken And Lemon Grass With Potato Soup

Mommy's corner soup of the day is Chicken And Lemon Grass With Potato, i even dump in a small pig stomach. Actually i seldom boil this soup at home, this is a must soup to drink during my confinement.
I absolutely have no desire to make this soup, technically i was trimming the lemon grass tree and i was wondering since i cut a lot of the lemon grass, how am i going to do with it. Am i goin to put in a ziplock bag to store in the fridge or should i cook curry or tom yum  again. Suddenly this soup comes into my mind cause the other hubby brought a big bag of potato, i even nag him why he brought back  such a big bag and how can we finish it before it grow sprouts. My elder sister told me before the potatoes are poisonous when roots grow. We are asian, we don't eat potato like the americans, to them potato is like their rice, it is their everyday meal. 

Besides lemon grass  can helps to stimulate the movement and i actually hear the little farts hehe!! excuse me from my youngest daughter in the middle of the night. No wonder my mom boiled a lot of this soup for me after my C-section surgery. Lemon grass can actually reduce stomach gas and prevent colon cancer and tummy fats. So, ladies quickly boil this now.
Chicken And Lemon Grass With Potato Soup
   Ingredients    :

   3         chicken tight or 1/2 chicken, removed skin 
   4 - 5    potato, peeled and cut to four pieces each
   1         whole red onion, peeled and cut into 4 pieces
   5 - 6    lemon grass, trim and smashed
   1         small pig stomach, clean and rub with salt
   5         cup water
   1         can chicken broth
   1         teaspoon salt
   1/2      teaspoon sugar
   1         tablespoon peppercorn seed, smashed
   1/3      cup  distilled vinegar

   Method    :

   Boil a pot of water and blanch the chicken, remove the chicken and remain the water in the pot. 

   Pour  the distilled vinegar into the pot and blanch the pig stomach for about 8 - 10 minutes.The vinegar
   water will remove the smell of the pig stomach. Remove from pot and set aside.

   Wash the same pot or use another soup pot to boil the 5 cup of water and the can of chicken broth.   
   When it is rolling boil, add in the pig stomach, lemon grass, onion and peppercorn. Let it boil for 45 - 1
    hour on medium heat. The longer you boil the soup the result better and is tastier. Add in the potato 
    and boil for another 1/2 an hour. Remove the pig stomach from the soup, let cool and cut into pieces.
    Dump it back into the soup. Add in the salt and sugar to taste and serve.


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