Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chinese Vegetarian

Today is 15th, yes its my vegetarian day again. I can find a lot of vegetarian ingredients to cook from my fridge. Today i make this juicy and yet very salvation vegan dish whereby myself can easily eat a big bowl.
I like to eat "jai"...i'm sure you will like it too. Come eat "jai" together and stay healthy.
Chinese Vegetarian
    Ingredients   :

    1       cup broccoli floret
    2       stalks celery
    1       carrot, peeled
    1       cup napa cabbage, cut wedges
    1/2    cup vegetarian lamb
    1/2    cup fu chok ( beancurd)
    1/2    cup snow peas
    1/2    belle pepper
    1/2    red belle pepper
    3       slice ginger
    1/4    cup water
    11/2  teaspoon vegetable oil
    11/2  teaspoon vegetarian oyster sauce
    1/2    teaspoon salt
    1/2    teaspoon corn starch, add with 2 teaspoon water and mix well
    dash of pepper powder
    dash of soy sauce

     Method    :

     Boil a small pot of water and blanch broccoli for approximately 20 seconds, Removed and set aside.

     Heat wok on high, add oil and fry ginger. Add vegetarian lamb and fu chok (beancurd) to fry for 
     a while and pour in the broccoli, celery, napa cabbage, snow peas, belle pepper, red belle pepper.

     Splash in the water and continue to fry and add in the vegetarian oyster sauce, salt, dash in the soy 
     sauce and pepper powder. 

    Stir in the corn starch mixture and mix combine everything in the wok until coated with gravy and 
    dish up.





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