Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ipoh Spicy Fruits Salad ( Rojak)

Spicy Fruits Salad ( Rojak) is a cold salad and rojak in malay words means a mixture of everything. Typically it consists mango, cucumber, pineapple, jicama (sengkuang). Mixed with all crunchy fruits and added with spicy, sweet and sour shrimp paste sauce. Actually rojak taste better when added in cooked squid (sotong) and crispy prawn crackers. But thats alright this bowl of rojak is more than enough to satisfied my craving. It is very delicious and refreshing, if you like salad, i believe you will like it too.

Mixed fruits, cucumber, mango, jicama and pineapple

Ipoh Spicy Fruits Salad ( Rojak)
   Ingredients   :

   1         cucumber ( i prefer small one with less seeds)
   1         jicama / sengkuang (small)
   1         mango ( unripe, prefered light yellow but crunchy)
   1/2      pineapple ( trim and cut)
   1/2      cup ground peanut ( roasted and smashed)
   1         teaspoon sesame seeds ( roasted and smashed)
   1         tiny small cube of belachan/shrimp paste ( toasted and smashed)
   since i don't have the rojak keropok i substitute it with rice noodle ( i use La Choy crunchy noodle)

   To prepare the rojak sauce   :

   3         tablespoon thick prawn paste/har ko ( i used C.K.C brand)
   2         tablespoon plum sauce 
   1 - 2    tablespoon chili sauce ( depends on how hot you want)
   1/2      teaspoon sugar ( dissolve in 2 luke water)
   ( in a bowl, combine all the sauce ingredients and mix well. set aside)

  Methods      :

   Wash and cut all the fruits into bite-sized and toss is a bowl with the some rojak dressing. I usually 
   make a small individual portion at a time. It is better if the rojak consume right after you mix it or else it
   will become watery. Mix the fruits in a clean/dry mixing bowl and toss well. 
   Sprinkle with roasted ground peanut,  roasted sesame seeds and toasted belachan ( shrimp paste)
   and La Choy crunchy noodle on top of the salad and serve.  
   Place the cut fruits and rojak sauce into separate containers to keep it for later.




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