Sunday, February 13, 2011

Step By Step Homemade Cheung Fun

  Place the hor fun on glass counter top. No.1

Cooking the Cheung Fun in a non stick pan until changes in appearance. No. 2

Fold/ roll cheung fun sharp at your choice. No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6


No. 8
   Ingredients   :

   130  gm               rice flour
   380  ml                water
   21/2 tablespoon   vegetable oil
   3      tablespoon   corn flour
   2      tablespoon   wheat flour
   1/2    easpoon      salt

   Method   :

   Mix and combine well all the above ingredients together in a bowl, set aside for an hour or more.

   Prepare a steamer if prefer to steam, i am using a non stick pan ( hehe!!)

   Heat up the non stick pan on the stove on medium to high.

   Scoop out a scoop or two of the batter and pour into the pan, twirl the pan around and let it coats the
   pan. Cover lid to let it cook for 1 - 2 minutes until it changes in appearance. Refer to the picture no.2

   Gently slip the hor fun onto a glass counter top, refer to picture no.1

   Roll the hor fun at your desire sharp. Continue the rest of the batter with the same procedures.

   Hoisin  Sauce  ingredients   :

   2     bulbs           shallot, thinly slice
   5     tablespoon   hoisin sauce
   2     stalks           green onion, cut
   5     tablespoon   sesame seed, roasted
   2     tablespoon   sugar
   1/3  cup              vegetable oil

   Heat up the stove, pour in the oil to fry the shallot till golden brown or fragrant. Remove the shallot
   from the oil. Pour the shallot oil in a bowl for later use.

   Heat up a small pot and with 1/2 cup of water, add sugar and hoisin sauce. Let it simmer for 1 - 2
   minutes on low heat. Remove from stove.

   Grab a handful of hor fun and place it on the plate, pour 2 scoops of hoisin sauce, sprinkle with
   roasted sesame seeds, fried shallot and green onion. Scoop 1/2 teaspoon shallot oil and a dash of
   pepper powder and serve with chili sauce or green chili pickle.



Sara said...

Do you mind if I ask u for recipe, please? I live in AR for 10 years, same life like u, need to start cooking by myself and in order to fulfill my food crave.There is no good foods in my place too. Hope you can share with me, thanks.

Keyna Cheah said...

Hi Sara, I have just published the recipe at your request. I hope you like it! Good Luck!