Friday, February 18, 2011

Step-by-step Homemade Salted Eggs

There are a lots of methods of doing salted eggs, i only use two methods, the convention way is to soak it into the salty water however I still find that the method that my friend from New York taught is more convenient. Thanks Melissa, the eggs turned out very successful, I like it very much. It is very easy to make and not much of ingredients is needed. The marinate will take almost a month. Some like to make it with duck eggs but I personally thinks that chicken eggs makes a better salted eggs, the reason I like use chicken egg is because chicken egg white is softer than duck eggs. If I am making glutinous rice dumpling, I will make salted duck eggs cause the salted duck egg yolk is more harder than salted chicken egg yolk. Not only that the duck egg shell is harder than chicken egg so will need couple more days to marinate compare to chicken eggs. To know that the salted egg is ready or not is when boil it, if the eggs that are still floating means they are not yet ready. I like to eat salted eggs because it is very easy to cook,
can boil it or steam in the rice cooker.
Simple Ingredients To Make Salted Eggs

Pour the salt into a bowl

Dip the egg into the liquor (V.S.O.P) until well coated

Roll the egg over the salt 

Must be fully coated with salt

Put it into a  clean dry glass jar

Dip, roll and put the eggs into the glass jar

Pour some salt on top of the eggs

You can use a plastic foil to wrap the jar before cover the lid,
All set, the yummy homemade Salted Eggs will be ready in 28 days, for better result is to keep it around 30 - 35 days.

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