Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fried Chewy Golden Meatballs

I miss the Kampar crispy fried balls. Not only the fried balls, actually you can find a lot of yummy licious food in Kampar. Most of their fried " liew" were freshly fried upon ordering. During my visit last year I purposely go to Kampar just to eat their "liew fun"," loh shi fun" fried "kuey teow" and "chee cheung fun" at  the morning market, Medan Selera Kampar. After breakfast we carry on with our makan trip is to stop by, I forgot where is that place, is either Gopeng or Manbang Di Awan. But I do remember we have had the most fresh delicious kampung durian, rambutan, langsat and mangosteen. Mmmm! I am drooling now when mention about the names of these tropical fruits.

Today I fried this meatballs is just to imitate the taste of the kampar fried balls. Surprisingly it turns good
is just that it is not as chewy as the original one. I think very soon I will be making another batch of fried balls and this time will make it more chewy.

Fried Chewy Golden Meatballs
   Ingredients    :

   1/3    sweet potato starch
    2      ounces jicama (sarkut), cuts tiny small cubes
   3       ounces fish paste
   1       egg
   11/2  teaspoon salt
   1       teaspoon fish sauce
   1       teaspoon sugar
   1       teaspoon pepper powder
   1       sprigs cilantro, minced
   1       tablespoon all purpose flour
   1       tablespoon water

    Methods   :

    Boil a small pot of water and blanch jicama cubes for 10 seconds. Remove, leave it to cold and 
    squeeze out water.

    Into a big mixing bowl, add in all the above ingredients and combine everything. Add in jicama cubes.

    Heat up the wok, add oil to fry the balls, use a metal spoon to scoop us a small portion of the mixture 
    and gently drop into the hot oil to fry. 

    Fry the balls until golden brown and remove from wok.

    Serve with some chili sauce.
Fried Chewy Golden Meatballs

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