Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pork, Kidney And Egg Soup

This Pork, Kidney And Egg Soup is my mom's recipe. Another famous soup for confinement is which my mom will definitely make this for at my confinement. I usually will only drink the soup but will not be eating the kidney neither the liver.
My husband is a huge fan of this soup and will always request for this soup, today he brought home some pork kidney from the market and requested me to boil this for him. This will be his one dish meal tonight. I don't know how to treasure this soup however i am very good in cleaning and getting rid of the kidney smell. First you need to remove all the white and red tubes from the kidney. Soak the kidney in salt water for 20 minutes or more. Wash and change water frequently until the water becomes clear.
Pork, Kidney And Egg Soup

   Ingredients    :

   2         pig kidney, clean and halves 
   1         knob ginger approximately 5cm, thinly slice
   2         can chicken broth
   2         teaspoon cooking wine ( i use shaoxing)
   1         teaspoon salt
   5         peppercorns, smashed
   1         teaspoon sesame oil
   1         sprig parsley, cut into pieces
   2         eggs

# 120g   lean pork, thinly slice
# 1/2      teaspoon corn starch
# 1/2      teaspoon soy sauce
# 1/2      teaspoon sesame oil
(Marinate pork with all the # ingredients for 15 minutes or more)

   Method     :

   Wash and clean pig kidney, soak in water for a while. Blanch pig kidney in hot water for 6 - 10 

   Open can and boil chicken broth, add lean pork slice, peppercorn and ginger.

   Add pig kidney, salt and sesame oil, crack in the eggs and off the stove. Close lid and simmer for 5 -
   8 minutes, add cooking wine and scoop out into a soup bowl.

   Sprinkle with parsley, dash in pepper powder and serve while it's hot.




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