Friday, May 13, 2011

Board Noodle - Pan Mee

I didn't really notice that this Pan Mee was not added with the recipe yet. Until my schoolmates were asking for the recipe. Actually this was cooked quite sometime ago. Pardon me for taking so long to put up the recipe. Irene, Cynthia, Angel, JP, here you gooooo.... representing yummylicious Board Noodle aka Pan Mee. Tell you what, very soon I will make the hand tearing form of Pan Mee I loves the anchovy soup very much and the ground pork, and the fried crispy "ikan bilis" and the chinese vegetables and and the sambal....hehehe eventually i love everything about this Pan Mee. I can sinfully gobble down everything in the bowl and drink all the soup. It is super delicious and addictive. Gals, I hope you will like it too. Happy Cooking!!!
Board Noodle - Pan Mee

   Anchovies broth ingredients :

   1/2     lb medium size anchovies (ikan bilis) with heads
   1/3     lb lean pork or pork bone
   1/2     teaspoon peppercorn, smashed
   1        teaspoon sugar
   7        cups water
   salt to taste
* Bring water to boil, adjust the heat to low, add anchovies, peppercorn and garlic. Let it simmer for  45
   minutes or more. The longer the taste will be better. 

    Ingredients for mince pork  :

     1/2    lb ground pork
     1       cube chinese pickle mustard, soaked and shredded
     2       teaspoon mince garlic
     1/2    teaspoon cornstarch 
     1/2    oyster sauce
     1/2    teaspoon oil
     1/2    teaspoon sugar
     salt to taste
   *Marinate ground pork with all the above ingredients for 20 minutes or more and fry the ground pork 
     until cook and dry. Set aside

     Noodle  ingredients   :

     600   g all purpose flour
     1       teaspoon salt
     1       egg
     1       cup water ( plus or minus)
   *In a big mixing bowl, prepare noodle. Mix everything in the mixing bowl and form it to a dough. 
     Knead until everything combined and not very sticky. Add flour if needed. Cover with a piece of
     clean cloth and let it rest for about 1/2 hour. On the table, knead for a little while before roll it out flat
     and cut. It should be about 1mm thick. Roll it up and sprinkle flour on the dough, use a knife and cut
     it downwards. Constantly sprinkle flour to avoid sticky. Set aside.

    Ingredients   :

    1     bunch of chinese vegetable ( shi jai choy), blanch and set aside
    3     tablespoon anchovies, fried
    5     stamps chinese dried mushroom, soaked and cut slice
    2     stamps  black fungus, soaked and cut slice
    1     tablespoon oyster sauce
    1/2  tablespoon sugar  
    1/2  cup vegetable oil  
    salt to taste
  *Heat the wok, add in the wok and fry the anchovies until crispy or golden brown. Remove from wok
    Remain 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in the wok and add in the mushroom slice and black fungus slice,
    fry for a while. Add oyster sauce, sugar and salt to taste. Mix and fry everything in the wok for about
    2 - 3 minutes. Removed from wok and set aside.

   Serve up to 5   :

    After most of the steps are done, finally, the noodle cooking part. Bring a pot of water to boil
    and cook the noodle. This step only need about 1 - 2 minutes. Remove noodle from pot and place it
    in a big bowl. Ladle two to three scoops of anchovies soup into the bowl, add in the chinese 
    vegetable, mince meat, black fungus, mushroom slices and fried anchovies.

    And most importantly is don't forget the sambal belachan. Serve immediately while its hot.

Board Noodle - Pan Mee


Anonymous said...

Keyna this looks super delicious and also very authentic. I can actually smell and taste it just by looking at the yummy photos. Well done and thank you - Angel

Keyna Cheah said...

Thank you Angel!! You should make some for your dh, he will be very happy. Trust me, it is very addicting and I can eat it till last drop.