Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wine Chicken ( Kai Chou)

Suddenly I had the craving for Wine Chicken. What happen to me, hehe!! I'm actually craving from the  confinement's menu. My mom told me, she realize that I enjoy eating confinement dishes very much. Actually its true, I like being pregnant and enjoy a lot during the confinement month, I wish my confinement month could last longer instead of only one month. Am I a weird person?  I think it is very difficult to find someone like me cause most woman dislike this part. I enjoy taking care of my newborn baby and breastfeeding during my confinement month.
 Come to think about it, my mom helps me with all my confinements, she even came over to States to help me when I gave birth to Jade, my youngest daughter. I know she has done a lot for me during my confinement. She woke up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me. Every morning i wake up and all the hot yummy healthy breakfast will be served right infront of me. Sometimes ginger or kunyit fried rice, noodle in soup, fish porridge or  something very delicious. She comes out with many varieties of food and she really makes my day. She is very creative with all these confinement dishes from foods to drinks. She patiently frys the rice until brown and the aroma just to make rice drink for me. During my confinement month, she boils red dates water for me daily, without fail. Not only she prepares warm chinese herb water for me to shower everyday, then she will clean up the mess from the herbs after I finish showering. While I was taking nap in the afternoon she is getting ready to cook for the next meal. Omg ! my mom really did alot for me. I really wanted to take this opportunity to Thank my mom for helping me so much during the weakest moments in my life. Mommy you're the BEST and I love you very much. Wow!!  I noticed I've talk a lot about my mom, if I really want to talk about her, I  can talk for days. 
Lets get back to the Wine Chicken. I only have very little homemade wine left in the house so I use it till the last drop of the homemade wine and add some brandy instead. I enjoy this Wine Chicken very much and I feels satisfied right after eating it.
Hmmmm! I think its time to make some homemade wine. will definitely share the recipe with you too, this recipe is from my SUPER MOM !!!
Wine Chicken ( Kai Chou)
   Ingredients    :

   1              whole chicken ( prefered kampung chicken) chopped into bite sizes
   50 - 80 g  ginger, peel and cut slice
   60        g  black fungus, soaked and cut wedges
   1/3           cup homemade wine ( rice wine)
   1/4           cup brandy or V.S.O.P
   1/2           teaspoon peppercorns
   1              teaspoon sugar
   5              cups water
   4              teaspoon sesame oil 
   salt to taste

    Method    :

    Marinate the chicken with 1/2 salt and peppercorns for about 15 minutes.

    Heat  up the wok on high, pour in sesame oil and fry the ginger slice until aromatic or becomes 
    brownish. Add in the chicken to fry for 3 - 5 minutes, add in the fungus and continue to fry.

    Splash in the brandy or V.S.O.P and continue to fry. Pour in the water and bring it to a simmering boil
    Add sugar and salt to taste and rice wine and let it cook for another 5 - 8 minutes. 

    Yummy Wine Chicken is serve!!!

Wine Chicken ( Kai Chou)

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