Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crispy Satay Tofu

This is a very light and refreshing summer appetizer. It was sooooo delicious. Secretly tell you, I gobble down 4 pieces of this at one go. I felt a little regret that I made so little. So yummy, in the future I should make double the portion. Try it and you will know. No regrets. 
Crispy Satay Tofu

   Ingredients    :

   4     pieces white tofu, cut in half diagonally
   1/2  cucumber, finely shredded 
   200 g jicama, finely shredded 
   200 g bean sprout, blanch
   2     tablespoon roast peanut, finely smashed

   Sauce   :

   1      tablespoon creamy peanut butter
   2      tablespoon mince onion
   1      tablespoon mince garlic
   1      tablespoon coriander powder
   1/2   tablespoon ginger
   11/2 tablespoon curry powder
   1      tablespoon lime juice 
   11/2 tablespoon dried pepper, soaked
   2      tablespoon sweet chili sauce
   1      tablespoon sugar
   1/4   cup water
   salt to taste
   enough oil for deep frying

   Method   :

   In a food processor blend sauce ingredients, dried pepper powder, curry powder, coriander powder   
   onion, garlic and ginger. Set aside.  In a bowl combine creamy peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, sugar,
   lime juice and water. Set aside.

   Heat up the oil in the wok and deep fry the tofu. Gently slide into the hot oil. Fry until crispy at the 
   skin or golden brown. Remove from wok.

   Remove oil from wok and remain about 2 tablespoon oil. Pour in the blend mixture and cook until oil
   out or fragrant. Add bowl mixture and saute the gravy for about 5 - 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.
   Adjust taste if needed. Dish up and set aside.

  To serve, cut and stuff in bean sprout, jicama shredded and cucumber shredded into the tofu. Pour satay
  sauce over the tofu and sprinkle ground peanuts. Serve immediately. 


Crispy Satay Tofu


Anonymous said...

My faav (; Please put recipe up ASAP! Btw,i love your blog. It's a success.(: <3

Keyna Cheah said...

Oh thank you!!! there is a lot of recipes to be put up....