Friday, July 1, 2011

Indonesian Layer Cake ( Kueh Lapis)

This Layer Cake is my four thousand gold favorite snack. I know why, they love the peeling part of the cake while eating it. Somehow, i noticed this cake is nice to be eaten in small pieces. Not only them, perhaps I believe no one can refrain from the aromatic and rich in flavor dessert like this. It definitely stands for a very important part during tea time. It needs a lot of time and patience to do this therefore it is not a ordinary cake. This time i was a bit rush therefore I'm using 2 baking trays to make this instead of one, or else you would be able to see more layers. Tell you what this picture that you are seeing right now, actually the cake are all gone, my daughters gobbled all at the same day. They just can't stop eating it. Try it out yourself and you will know!

Indonesian Layer Cake ( Kueh Lapis)

   Ingredients    :

   220 g  castor sugar
   360 g  unsalted butter, soften
   110 g  all purpose flour, sifted 
   16       egg yolks
   6         egg whites
   2         teaspoon five spice powder
   2         teaspoon rum or brandy
   2         teaspoon condensed milk
   1         teaspoon vanilla essence
   1/2      teaspoon baking powder
   extra butter to grease the baking tray

    Method    :

    On high, beat egg whites, castor sugar and vanilla until soft / stiff peaks. 

    Add butter, condense milk and egg yolks in 3 - 4 separate batches until glossy and thick.

    Fold in five spice powder, flour, baking powder and rum/brandy 3 - 4 separate batches. Mix well.

    Scoop out about 1/2 cup of the cake batter and spread it on a grease baking tray evenly all over even
    the edge.

     Preheat oven and select to grill function and grill cake batter, layer by layer until cake batter is done.
     When the cake is ready, leave the cake in the oven at 330F for about 5 minutes.


Indonesian Layer Cake ( Kueh Lapis)

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