Saturday, July 30, 2011

Roast Duck Wonton Noodle

I like wonton noodle very much. I love the dry wonton noodle or in the soup. Doesn't matter it goes with wonton, duck or just plain. It is my all time favorite noodle. It was so addicting especially when adding in with some green pickle. I can say Restaurant Hung Kee's wonton noodle are still the best but they charge a bit too costly. One of the most expensive wonton noodle I ever had. After all this noodle is quite easy to make, might as well I purchase a whole roast duck and just prepare noodles at home. Everyone loves it very much.
Roast Duck Wonton Noodle

   Ingredients   :

   1       lb chinese wonton noodle, split into 5 portions
   4       teaspoon dark soy sauce, split into 5 portions
   4       teaspoon shallot oil, split into 5 portions
   5       teaspoon light soy sauce, split into 5 portions
   5       teaspoon oyster sauce, split into 5 portions
   21/2  teaspoon sesame oil, split into 5 portions
   1/2    cup chicken broth, add
   1/2    lb yu choy, trim and cut
   2       stalk green onion, trim and thinly slice
   roast duck, chopped into pieces
   dash in pepper powder 
   enough water to blanch noodle
   some ice water

    Method   :

   Prepare sauces into 5 difference plates before cooking the wonton noodles. 
   Add wonton noodle into the boiling water and cook for about 15 seconds. Remove noodle from hot
   water and rinse into a bowl of ice water. ( This step is to make the noodle becomes more crunchier)
   Return the noodle into the hot boiling water and cook for another 15 seconds.

   Pick up the noodle from the hot water, drain water and mix with the prepared sauce. Blanch yu choy in
   the hot water. Removed and place it into a bowl. Set aside.

   Place duck onto the noodle,  add yu choy and sprinkle with green onion before serve immediately.
   Don't forget about the green pickle chili.

Roast Duck Wonton Noodle

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