Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fried Yam Slice/ Woo See

I was wondering how am I going to use the leftover yam slice after making woo tau kau yoke, luckily I still remember the snack my mom use to made for us when we were young, which is Fried Yam Slice/ Woo See.
Today I only be able to made 7 pieces of Yam Slice. You may use leftover yam slice to make this dish like me hehe!! I actually made 3 differences kind of cooking with just one yam which is Woo Tau Kau Yoke, Suen Punn Chi and Fried Yam Slice. There is a word "one stone can hit three birds at the same time".
Fried Yam Slice / Woo See
   Ingredients    :

   50 - 80     gm yam slice
   40 - 60     gm ginger slice
   10 - 20     gm chive (cut)
   1              bulb shallot (peel and slice)
   4   - 5      tablespoon flour
   1             cube chicken essence
   2             dash pepper powder
   1             Cup Vegetable Cooking Oil ( for frying)

    Methods   :

   Mix the above ingredients except the cooking oil into batter.
   Heat the wok/skillet on medium to high, pour the oil in, when it's hot use a metal spoon to scoop
   one scoop of the batter into the hot oil to deep fried until golden brown. Remove and put on paper
   towel or drainer. Serve it with chili sauce ( i use kampung koh)


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