Monday, January 17, 2011

Kuih Kapit (Love Letters)

Kuih Kapit aka Love Letters is a must for Chinese New Year. It is very crispy, crunchy and very addictive, i personally can eat a lot at one go. There is so many ways to fold this Kuih Kapit, can roll it or fold it into triangle shape, on your wish. No matter what, this is definitely my number one favorite among all the Chinese New Year treats. I hope you will like it too.
Kuih Kapit aka Love Letters

   Ingredients    :

   2           can coconut milk ( 800ml)
   200       gm sugar
   4           eggs
   140       gm rice flour
   2           teaspoon all purpose flour
   1           teaspoon tapioca flour
   30 - 50  ml water ( can use coconut milk to replace as water)

   Prepare    :

    3 -5          Kuih Kapit Mould  (Metal Clapper)

   Methods   :

   Into a big mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and whisk to mix well until sugar has dissolved.
   Strain the batter and set a side for almost an hour.

   Grease both side of the letter mould(clapper) with oil, heat the letter mould over the fire and pour a
   a scoop of the batter mixture to the letter mould (clapper) close it tight and place the letter mould on a
   charcoal grill. Approximately 1/2 minute each side, avoid getting the batter burnt.

    When the Kuih Kapit turns evenly golden, trim the edge of the metal clapper (mould) before
     removing the Kuih Kapit  from the mould. Peel of the Kuih Kapit from the mould and toss it on the
     table for someone to fold it immediately. You can roll it become love letters or fold it into a quarter  or
     triangle. Press it lightly with a chopstick or tin cover to level the surface.This action require to be very
     fast, or else then Kuih Kapit  will become harden up. Continue with all the remaining batter until
     finish. Let it cool and keep it into air-tight containers.



Kuih Kapit aka Love Letters

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