Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loong Yoke/Bak Kwa aka BBQ Dried Pork

Bak Kwa aka Loong Yoke is meant for all occasions especially during Chinese New Year. It is very suitable to be sent as gift to relatives and friends. Today i made the 1st batch of Loong Yoke just to get the Chinese New Year mood started. In Ipoh, people call it "Loong Yoke" when i moved to KL another name was heard Bak Kwa which i also don't know what is the meaning, probably in Hokkien they call it as Bak Kwa, i am a big fan of Loong Yoke but no matter how much i like it, i only make it once a year, and it would be around Chinese New Year.

BBQ Pork

    Ingredients    :

    600   gm   mince pork ( 1/2 fat 1/2 lean)
    400   gm   mince pork ( regular meat)
    250   gm sugar
    11/2  teaspoon salt
    5       dash pepper powder
    51/2  teaspoon fish sauce      
    2       teaspoon light soy sauce
    21/2  teaspoon wine ( i use V.S.O.P)

   Method         :

   Ready a mixing bowl, put all the ingredients in it and mix well. 
   Let it marinate for 3 hrs or more ( i leave it overnight in the fridge)
   Apply it on aluminum foil, around 0.5cm or thinner.
   Dry it in the oven or under the sun, cut into square sizes.
   Fry it with non stick pan with 2 -3 drops of oil or barbeque grill, need to flip it frequently so that
   the meat won't get burnt.

   Gong Xi Fatt Chai !!!

  Good Luck !!!

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