Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Zealand Mussel Stir-fry Chili Padi

I normally buy New Zealand green shell mussels. It is blessed to get these mussels for a very good deal in US. My mom is a huge fan of mussels. Each time when she come to visit me, she will definitely request me to buy lots of mussels. She told me it is very rare to get this in Malaysia, not even at Tesco, Giant or any other hypermarket. I was thinking, it is impossible, It is prevent that what my mom said was right. When I went to Malaysia for visiting. I went to several hypermarkets and it seems that no sign of these mussels, until I found it at Lot 10 Isetan frozen department. It is ridiculously expensive. The price that I've paid can almost allow me to buy 3 - 4 boxes in US. Since it is my mom's favorite, I've brought 2 boxes. Put it this way, if I used the same amount of money to buy in US which means I'm bringing home about 10 boxes of mussels. I find that mussels are very tasty and useful, I always kept some in my frozen.  
New Zealand Mussel

   Ingredients   :

   1      lb mussels, wash and pat dry
   6 - 8 chili padi, wash and chop
   1      teaspoon mince garlic
   1/2   teaspoon mince ginger
   1/2   teaspoon bean sauce, mix with 2 teaspoon water
   1      teaspoon oyster sauce
   2      teaspoon vegetable oil
   1      green onion, trim and chop
   pinch of sugar
   salt to taste

    Method   :

    Heat wok or high, add in the oil. Dump in the mince ginger, garlic and chili padi. Saute for a while
    but not burn.
    Add in the mussels and splash in the bean sauce mixture. Continue to saute, add oyster sauce, pinch of 
    sugar and salt to taste. ( Do not over cook the mussels)

    Add in the green onion, mix well everything until coated with oil or gravy. 

    Dish up and serve.



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