Thursday, January 13, 2011

Steamed Eggs (In rice Cooker)

This is the steamed eggs that sometimes i would like to steam it on top of the rice, it is very easy and convenient when you're in the hurry. The only this is this method i only be able to steam a small bowl
meant only for 2 eggs. If i wanted to have a big bowl of steam eggs i will use another steamer.
Ground Meat Steamed Eggs (On Rice cooker)
   Ingredients  :

   2                  Large Eggs  (beaten)                    
   50    gm       Ground Meat
   11/4 cup      Water
   1/2   tsp        Salt
   1/2   tsp        Soy Sauce or Sugar
   1/2   tsp        Cooking Oil ( i use shallot oil)
   1/2   tsp        Green Onion ( cut small slices)
   2      dash      Pepper Powder

    Method     :

   As usual wash and cook rice. Put all the above ingredients into the beaten eggs,mix well, put the
   green onion last on top of the eggs and ready to put inside the rice cooker to steam.
   This step is a bit tricky cause you need to make sure all the water in the rice cooker has dissolve, i
   meant about to cook,then only you put it on top of the rice and close the rice cooker for 10-15 minutes
   It will be ready together with the rice. Usually if i'm in the rush to cook lunch/dinner i will do it this 
   way.It helps me a lot of work in order to steam in a wok.          

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