Friday, January 7, 2011

Stir-Fry Celery With Shrimp

Stir-Fry Celery With Shrimp

    Ingredients     :

    1 stalk of           Celery (washed and cut into pieces)
    100  gm          Carrot ( peeled and cut pieces or design with your desire)
    10 -15             Shrimps ( clean and deveined add a pinch of sugar into it)
    4 - 5 slices      Ginger (cut slices)
    2      cloves     Garlic(cut slices)
    1      tsp           Oyster Sauce
     1/2  tsp            Salt
     2     dash         Pepper Powder
     1     teaspoon  Corn Starch (mix with 1 teaspoon water, set aside) 
     1/4  cup          Water
     11/2 tsp           Cooking Oil

     Methods       :

    Heat wok with cooking oil, add ginger slice, garlic slice, and then put in the shrimp. Fry for a while.
    Stir in the celery and stir-fry, add water, oyster sauce, salt and pepper powder. Keep Stirring.
    Stir in the corn starch water , combine everything,turn off the stove and scoop up the celery on plate.

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