Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year - Wang Choy Jau Sau

During Chinese New Year, the traditional specialty foods are symbolic either the foods are good in names for fortune and luck. In Chinese culture, everyone wants to be wealthy and healthy.
Fatt Choy Ho See literally means successful businesses in the New Year. Fatt Choy( black moss), Ho See (Dried Oyster). Although i am not a big fan of this dish however i've made this for the family, i hope will bring us some fortune and luck too.
Wang Choy Jau Sau
   Ingredients    :

   11/2        pound pig hand/leg
   5 - 8        ho see ( dried oyster)
   2             ounces  dried scallop 
                  some fatt choy ( black moss)
   21/2         teaspoon oyster sauce
   1              teaspoon salt
   1/2           teaspoon sugar
   3              dash pepper powder
   2              stalks green onion ( wash and cut the roots)
   1              quart water ( i use chicken broth)
   2              pieces of anise star
   2              teaspoon corn flour ( mix with 2-3 teaspoon water)
                   cooking oil for frying the pig hand/leg

   Marinate   :   

   2              teaspoon light soy sauce
   1/2           teaspoon dark soy sauce
   2              dash pepper powder
   1/2           teaspoon salt

   Method   :

   Wash the pig hand/leg and wipe it with paper towel, marinate with the above marinated ingredients for
   1 hour or leave it over night in the fridge.
   Remove the marinated pig hand/leg from the fridge and let it thaw for a while.
   Heat up the wok to high and deep fry the pig hand/leg until both sides are golden brown. Remove from  wok. Prepare a slow cooker and set to low heat, first put in the green onion, then the pig hand/leg and add all the ingredients except the corn flour and let it cook for  5 hours ( i leave it over night). Stir in 
   the corn flour mixture, this is to thicken the gravy. Serve the whole pig hand/leg in a bowl or plate with some Fatt Choy Ho See on the top.You also can also put broccoli, cauliflower or bok choy by the side of the plate. Yummy Wang Choy Jau Sau is serve. Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

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