Friday, February 11, 2011

Ipoh Sarkut Liew Fun ( Jicama Fish Cubes)

Ipoh Sarkut Liew Fun (Jicama Fish Cubes)
Fried Sarkut

   Ingredients   ;

   1           whole sarkut (jicama) approximately 1 pound
   2           tablespoon fish paste
   1/2        cup fish skin ( any choice of fish skin, chopped)
   1           cup all purpose flour
   2           tablespoon corn flour / starch
   1           tablespoon pepper powder
   2 - 3      bulb shallot ( peel and mince)
   2           stalks green onion ( cut small slices)
   21/2      teaspoon salt
   2           teaspoon sugar
   3/4        cup water
   2 - 3      slices of bean curd skin ( i use frozen vegetarian bean curd skin)
   Cooking oil to deep frying

    Method     :

   Mix and combine all the above ingredients except cooking oil in a big bowl. 
   Add in water little by little. If it is too watery add more flour.
   Wrap up the sarkut dough with the bean curd skin and put in a plate to steam, grease the plate with
   some oil. Steam the wrapped sarkut for 20 minutes. Let it cool and cut the sarkut dough to  2-3-inches.
   Heat up the wok and deep fry the sarkut until crispy or golden brown.
   Serve with a bowl of noodle or eat just by itself,  don't forget to dip in chili sauce.


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