Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pork Curry With Potato

Pork Curry With Potato
   Ingredients    :

   500        gm pork slice
   3 - 4       teaspoon curry powder
   1            teaspoon chili powder
   6- 8        pieces curry leaves
   3 - 4       cloves garlic (peel)
   5 - 6       bulb shallot (peel)
   2 - 3       potato (peel and cut 6 pieces each potato)
   2            stalks lemon grass ( trim and smashed)
   1            petal anise star  ( 8 kok)
   7 - 8       cloves ( ting hiong)
   2            teaspoon salt
   11/2       teaspoon sugar
   3/4         cup coconut milk ( i use fresh milk)
   31/2       tablespoon cooking oil

   Marinate   :

   Marinate the pork with curry powder and chili powder for an hour or more.

   Mixture   :

   Blend shallot and garlic with 2 teaspoon of water until it become mixture

   Method     :

   Heat the wok or a deep skillet with the cooking oil, fried the potato until golden brown, remove.
   Use back the same wok and oil to fry the blend mixture until aromatic for approximately 5-6 minutes.
   Pour in the marinated pork, curry leaves, anise star and cloves, salt and sugar, and fry for another 
   5 -10 minutes,.
   Close wok lid and let it simmer for a while, pour in the fried potato and continue to fry, lastly stir in the 
   coconut milk (or fresh milk). Cook for another 5 minutes and serve with white rice.


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