Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bean Curd Rolls ( Sinn Juk Guen)

   Ingredients   :

   2 - 3    chinese dried mushroom, soaked and shredded
   3         sheet bean curd sheet,
   1/3      cup bamboo shoot, shredded
   3         slice carrot, shredded
   1         slice ginger, shredded 
   300     gm  ground pork
   2         teaspoon fish paste
   2         teaspoon soy sauce
   2         teaspoon oyster sauce
   1/2      teaspoon pepper powder
   1         teaspoon corn starch
   1/2      teaspoon cooking wine (Shaoxing)
   1         teaspoon sugar
   Method    :

    Heat up wok and fry bean curd until golden brown for approximately 5 - 6 seconds each side.
    Remove from wok and soak it in the water for 3 - 5 minutes . Drain and set aside.
    ( You don't need to fry the bean curd but i prefer to do so cause the bean curd will be more tasty if fried)

   Mix ground pork, carrot, ginger, bamboo shoot, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper powder, corn starch,
   fish paste, cooking wine and sugar in a big mixing bowl. Combine everything well and leave in the 
   fridge for 30 minutes or more.

   On each bean curd sheet, place a portion of the filling diagonally across the sheet. Fold bean curd sheet
   to enclose the filling and form a roll. Spread a drop or two of oil onto a plate, place folded bean curd
   rolls and place it at the steamer. Steam it on rolling boil water for 20 minutes.

   Serve with chili sauce.




Bean Curd Rolls ( Sinn Juk Guen)

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