Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oyster And Mussel Omelette ( Hor Chien)

Oyster And Mussel Omelette ( Hor Chien)
   Ingredients   :

   10         fresh small size oyster, soak and drain out water
   5           green mussel, wash and removed shell
   2           large eggs
   1/2        cup water
   1/2        teaspoon light soy sauce
   1           teaspoon salt
   1/2        teaspoon sugar
   1/2        teaspoon fish sauce
   2           teaspoon tapioca flour
   1           teaspoon rice flour
   1/2        teaspoon pepper powder
   1           teaspoon minced garlic
   2           tablespoon chopped chives
   1           stalk green onion, minced
   1           sprig cilantro for garnishing
   4           tablespoon cooking oil

    Method    :

    Mix water with tapioca flour, rice flour and pinch of salt into batter. Set aside.

    Crack eggs into a bowl, do not beat only stir/mix well, add in light soy sauce, salt, fish sauce, pepper  
    powder, minced garlic.

    Heat up the a wok or non stick pan to high heat and add in cooking oil, pour in the batter on the wok,
    fry and stir it for awhile and pour in the egg mixture.

    Continue to fry and combined everything in the wok, sprinkle in chopped chives and green onion.
    Stir well and dish out the omelette and serve with chili sauce.




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