Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Siew Pao (Baked Char Siew Pao)

There is two kinds of Char Siew Pao, one is steam the other one is bake. Both char siew pao use the same filling. Actually i'm not a big fan of Siew Pao,  if you ask me which one I liked best, my answer is the steam one. It's my favorite. I like it with the white exterior, soft, fluffy and gummy texture of the steam char siew pao. I can eat steamed char siew pao everyday but not baked siew pao. But baked siew pao can make a convenient to go snack cause it can be crispy and crunchy for several hours compare to steam char siew pao, it gets cold and hardened after a while.

I have not tried the original Seremban Siew Pao, I've heard it is very famous and delicious. I definitely will need to give a try one day. Today I only made 8 Siew Pao, it is my eldest daughter favorites, she even reserved two Siew Pao to take to school tomorrow.
Siew Pao ( Baked Char Siew Pao)
   Ingredients     :

   Oil Dough
   All purpose flour         65 gm
   Shortening / Lard        40 gm

   Water Dough  

   All purpose flour         45 gm
   Bread Flour               100 gm
   Sugar                           20 gm
   Water                           68 gm
   Cooking Oil                 48 gm
   Golden Syrup / Honey   1 teaspoon 

   Egg Yolk                       1 ( for glaze)

   Please refer to the below link to make the filling : -

 Steamed barbeque roast pork (char siew pao)

   Methods      :

   Oil dough - mix flour and shortening/ lard together until it becomes a soft sticky dough. (Divide dough
   into 12 small doughs.  Cover with  plastic wrap and set aside for 25 minutes or more

   Water dough  - dissolve sugar in the water, mix flour, cooking oil, golden syrup/ honey and sugar 
   water together until it become soft dough.  Divide dough into 12 small doughs. Cover with plastic  
   wrap and set aside for 25 minutes or more.

   Flatten or scale out water dough to wrap up oil dough into water dough. 
   Roll out flat and long, like swiss roll.
   Fold it back into half and roll out flat and long, like swiss roll again, repeat 3 times.
   Use palm to press and roll out the dough to round cycle and add in char siew filling.
   Wrap into char siew pao shape and brush with egg yolk and bake on 365 F for 25 - 30 minutes.


Siew Pao ( Char Siew Pao)

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