Thursday, March 31, 2011

Soft Sponge Cake

This recipe actually is a gift to me, my family and i like this cake very much. This recipe was given from a good friend of mine from Hong Kong. I am very blessed with this recipe because it made a huge impact for my family. It's so healthy! It's great for the kids to take to school for lunch or to the park. They can basically eat it everyday. My second daughter, Jocelyn loves it the most! She is crazy about this! She can practically eat half of the WHOLE cake. And even her friends love it too. Everyday, her friend ask her, when are you bringing the sponge cake again. LOL. I guess everyone are sponge cake lovers.
Soft Sponge cake

    Ingredients     :

A    8       egg white
       1/2    cup sugar
       1       teaspoon cream of tartar

B    8       egg yolk
       1/2    cup sugar
       1/3    cup fresh milk
       1       cup cake flour
       1       teaspoon baking powder
       2       teaspoon vanilla extract
       1/2    cup vegetable oil

    Method    :

    Preheat oven to 355 degrees. In a mixing bowl beat A ingredients, egg white and sugar and cream 
    tartar on high speed till becomes light and white foamy.

    In a mixing bowl, beat all B ingredients on medium speed till light yellow and fluffy. Add B mixture 
    into A mixture, half portion at a time.

    Mix and combine everything with a spatula and gently pour cake batter into a grease 17 by 12-inches
    baking pan.

    Bake cake 25 minutes or inserted toothpick when comes out clean means cake is ready.


Soft Sponge Cake

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