Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stuffed Tofu With Fish Ball Soup

Stuffed Tofu With Fish Ball Soup
   Ingredients   :

   1     box             soft tofu  ( i use japanese soft tofu)
   200 gm              fish paste (market brought)
   10   piece           fish balls ( frozen or ready made)
   2     sprigs          parsley, trim and cut ( garnishing)
   2     teaspoon     shallot oil 
   2     can              chicken broth ( i use ikan bilis soup base)
   3     dash            pepper powder
   1/2  teaspoon     salt
   1/2  teaspoon     sugar

    Method  :

    Gently stuff fish paste onto the tofu with butter knife. Make sure you do not over- stuff them.

    Heat up a pot on medium heat and pour the chicken broth inside the pot.

   When the soup boil, softly slip the tofu into the pot and reduce the heat to low. 

   Add in the fish balls and let it simmer for a while, approximately 8 - 10 minutes. Do not adjust the heat
   anymore. Add in salt and sugar to taste.

   Gently pick up the tofu and fish balls and place it into a big soup bowl. Add in the parsley and shallot
   oil and dash n pepper powder. Serve immediately.



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