Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fried Fish in Soy Sauce Gravy

Fish is very healthy and high in protein food and can be prepared in many ways. I'm a seafood lover but certainly not the person who loves to eat fish the most. My first choice is crab, shrimp or oyster.
My four girls loves this dish cause a good combination to eat this with is white rice. It is very easy to cook, simply fry the fish until crispy, coated with soy sauce and garnishing. This tasty and sweet taste fish recipe will definitely suit your family too.
Fried Fish in Soy Sauce Gravy
Fried Fish in Soy sauce Gravy
   Ingredients    :

  1      whole fish ( i use bottom half of the fish), cleaned and scaled 
  1      bulb shallot, peeled and thinly slice
  1      knot ginger, cut strips
  1      fresh red chili, deseeded and cut
  1      teaspoon soy sauce
  11/2 teaspoon sugar
  1/2   teaspoon oyster sauce
  1      teaspoon vegetable oil
  2      teaspoon water
  1      stalk of green onion, trimmed and cut
  1      stalk  of cilantro, trimmed and cut
  enough oil to fry the fish
  some curly lettuce for garnishing

  Method   :
   Pat dry the fish with a paper towel and rub with some salt. Set aside. 

   Into a small bowl, mix soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce, water and fish sauce, stir well everything.

   Heat up the wok, add oil to fry the fish until crispy, remove fish from wok and place it on a flat plate. 
   Pour out the oil from the wok.

   Adjust the heat to low, add in 1 teaspoon vegetable oil and fry the shallot and ginger slice until aroma,
   pour in the soy sauce mixture and stir well everything in the wok, off the stove.

   Scoop out the gravy form the wok and pour over the fish on the plate and sprinkle green onion, chili
   and cilantro on to before serve.




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