Friday, May 20, 2011

Mommy's Milo Dinosaur

Milo Dinosaur is a hassle free drink. The recipe is very simple, eventually it doesn't need much work to make this. I can say all my children will be able to make a cup of this including my youngest one. This is a new version of Milo drink, if i'm not mistaken the stalls started to serve Milo Dinosaur not too long ago. Say about a few years ago, cause before i migrated here in States and haven't heard of Milo Dinosaur until i went back year 2007 for summer vacation i started to see this drink in menus in most of the restaurants and stalls in Malaysia. My nieces recommended this drink for my four thousand gold when taking them to the mamak stalls and the girls fell in love with this drink right away. But i think it is a bit too costly to drink outside. You must know i have 4 thousand golds means X 4 glasses of Milo Dinosaur equals to........haha!! Moreover we are staying in States,we cannot find this drink in any restaurant, so lets make it at home. We can add as much milo powder as we want BUT i suggest not to is because it is very heaty.
Mommy's Milo Dinosaur
   Ingredients   :

   1      cup of hot water
   2      tablespoon milo powder
   11/2 teaspoon condense milk
   1/2   teaspoon sugar
   1      cup ice crush, add more if require
   some milo powder to sprinkle on the top of the glass

    Methods    :

    Into a tall glass, pour in the hot water and mix with milo powder, condense milk and sugar. Stir well.

    Add in the ice crush, add more if require, sprinkle some milo powder of the top of the glass.

    Serve and enjoy!!


Mommy's Milo Dinosaur 

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