Friday, May 20, 2011

Traditional Chinese Vegetarian

A traditional style of chinese vegetarian, all in a pot. I like the combination of this dish especially when i use zucchini and summer squash. I cook this quite late in the afternoon cause i've forgotten today is my "jai" day. I've make a wish and decided to go for vegetarian twice a month which is 1st and 15th every month since 2 years back. Actually i have put remarks on my calendar with a big "V" every 1st and 15th of the month. Unfortunately this time i only realize that its my vegetarian day until i took the first bite of the fish burger after we brought it from Checker's drive thru. I've decided to come home and prepare vegetarian and will instead of having vegetarian for one half of a day instead of one day. This i hope can consider the replacement of the bite of non vegetarian i had earlier. I usually will check on the calendar and get prepare on what to cook the night before my vegetarian day. I really salute and admire those who fully go for vegetarian. If the day comes and i go fully vegetarian for long term then i will no need to check on the calendar anymore but i know i'm not ready yet at the moment. I wish i could, one day.
Traditional Chinese Vegetarian

   Ingredients    :

   1      zucchini, wash and cut slice
   1      summer squash, wash and cut slice
   2      potato, peel and cut slice
   8      vegetarian cuttle fish ball, cut into two pieces
   1      cube frozen mein kan, beancurd, cut into pieces
   4      vegetarian duck
   1      handful frozen green beans
   1/4   cup of gingko nuts
   1/2   carrot, peel and cut slice
   5      ginger slice
   21/2 teaspoon vegetarian oyster sauce
   1/2   teaspoon corn starch, mix with 1 teaspoon water
   3      teaspoon vegetable oil
   dash of pepper powder
   salt to taste

    Method    :

    Cut and assemble all the ingredients. Heat up the wok and pour in the vegetable oil, fry the ginger for 
    about 15 -18 seconds. 

     Add in the mein kan, (beancurd), vegetarian cuttle fish ball and vegetarian duck to fry. Continue to
     fry and add zucchini and summer squash, carrot and gingko nuts, vegetarian oyster sauce, dash in the
     pepper powder and salt to taste. 

     Fry for another while and stir in the corn starch mixture and mix well everything in the wok and dish
     up to serve.
Traditional Chinese Vegetarian

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