Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chinese Chives and Fish Ball Soup

When I was young, i love to drink this soup. Even now, I still do. Chives known as "gow choy"is very delicious and i heard that it can be used as medical herbs too. I personally think that Chives is one of the very important herbs too especially in French cuisine. You can always find Chives in my house no matter in my fridge or at my backyard. It makes a very fast and easy meal whenever I'm running out of ingredients at home. Besides this soup, I loves all cooking with Chives, let me name a few of them for example Chives fried egg, Chives fried kuey tiew and don't forget about the Ipoh " kai see hor fun". I like to put in a lot of Chives whenever i eat it.
It is a hassle free plant. All you need to do is to cut it regularly to keep them coming back.
Chinese Chives and Fish Ball Soup

   Ingredients    :

   1       bunch chinese chives, trim, wash and chop into 3 cm lengths
   1/2    cup dried anchovies, wash and drain 
   12     fish balls
   21/2  cup water
   1/2    teaspoon oil ( i used shallot oil)
   2       ginger slice
   tofu & egg ( optional)
   dash of pepper powder
   salt to taste

    Method    :

    Boil water oil low heat, add anchovies and ginger slice for approximately 1/2 an hour or more.

    Remove anchovies, bring the soup to a boil and add chives and fish balls. Add shallot oil, dash in 
    pepper powder and add salt to taste. 

    Remove from stove. Serve while its hot.

Chinese Chives and Fish Ball Soup

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