Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winter Melon Chicken Soup

This Winter Melon is given to me by my friend, one word, it is definitely organic. She grows a lot of veggies in  her backyard. For what she told me is, It is now melon's season and not only this melon, summer is the season for watermelon too, no wonder why every grocery store I go, there is always a bargain. Winter melon is my eldest daughter's favorite, every time I boil this soup she will gobble up all the melon including the skin! She even likes the sweet version of melon which is " mata kuching". Whenever I have boiled the sweet or salty of melon. The pot will have no more melon in it cause she picked up everything from the pot. Hahaha! I like this soup very much too cause it is very nutritious and soothing especially during this hot summer season.
Winter Melon Chicken Soup

   Ingredients    :

   1         winter melon about 2 lb
   4 - 6    dried scallop, washed
   1/2      chicken, washed and removed skin
   1/2      teaspoon peppercorns, slightly smashed
   8 - 10  seedless red dates, washed
   4 - 8    soloman 's seal herbs ( yoke chok), washed
   7         cups water
   salt to taste

    Method   :

    Boil some water to blanch the chicken for a while. Remove from water and set aside. Throw the water     

    Wash and remove winter melon seeds, chop into pieces. In a deep pot, bring the water to rolling
    boil and add all ingredients to boil except salt. 

    Let everything in the pot to  boil on medium /high heat for about 5 - 10 minutes before switch it to low
    and let it simmer for about 2 hours. You may also transfer the soup to a crockpot/slow cooker but it
    may take longer time, say about 3 hours. 

    When the soup is ready, add salt to taste and serve.

Winter Melon Chicken Soup

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