Saturday, June 4, 2011

Seafood and Petai Fried Rice

This plate of Petai Fried Rice was actually my hubby's lunch, I purposely cooked this for his lunch last week when he had his day off. It has been almost a month that I'm back to Florida. I told myself i will try to cook and prepare whatever i've eaten while I was in Malaysia for my darling husband and darling daughters, sounds fair, right! LOL
Usually i don't pack petai for my hubby to take to work. Whenever he see me cooking sambal petai, he will definitely say "oh don't gimme this for lunch". It is better not to eat this at work cause Petai will make bad breath and stinky urine, however it is a very high nutritious dish which I've mention before. I dump in a lot of Petai to fry this rice, since it is his day off  I want him to enjoy this as much as he can, he loves Petai. It's a one of a kind lunch, but yet delicious. I've just brought 2 big bottles of air freshener, I hope it can help.
Seafood and Petai Fried Rice
   Ingredients   :

   1/2     cup petai
   1        bowl cooked white rice
   2        tablespoon sambal chili paste or chili boh
   1/2     shrimp and squid, cleaned
   1/2      mix vegetables includes carrot / corn / peas
   2         tablespoon vegetable oil ( add 1 tablespoon to fry the seafood, save the balance for later)
   2         eggs
   2         cloves garlic, peel and mince
   2         dash squid sauce
   1         tablespoon soy sauce
   1/2      fresh red chili, deseeded and cut
   1/2      tablespoon sugar
   dash of pepper powder
   small slice shrimp paste ( belachan)
   some onion, cut cubes or slice
   salt to taste

    Method   :

    Heat the wok on high, add oil and fry the shrimp and squid for around 20 - 25 seconds. Remove 
    and set aside. 

    Add the remaining oil into the same wok and add in the petai, dump in the shrimp paste (belachan)
    and saute with onion, mince garlic and sambal chili paste or chili boh until aromatic. Then add cooked
    white rice and seafood, mix vegetables into the wok and continue to fry the rice.

    Push everything in the wok aside and break in the eggs, let it fry for a little while and scramble the 
    eggs. Add fresh cut chili, sugar, dash in the pepper powder, squid sauce and salt to taste. Fry for 
    another 3 - 5 minutes.

     Serve with garnishing, at your wish.   

Seafood and Petai Fried Rice

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