Monday, July 25, 2011

Fish Curry with Vegetables

This is an instant way to cook Fish Curry with Vegetables. Save money and time. Simply add any of your favorites vegetables and tofu, tasty curry will be ready in minutes. 
Fish Curry with Vegetables

   Ingredients   :

   1    pack instant curry laksa paste ( i used Delimas brand this time)
   2    slices of fish meat ( about 350g)
   2    potatoes, cut wedges
   1    small onion, cut wedges
   1    bunch broccoli, cut wedges
   1    red chili, deseed and cut into two pieces
   1/2 lb long bean, cut 
   6    tofu puff, cut half
   3    cups water
   2    lemon grass, cut and slightly smashed
   1/2 cup coconut milk ( i used fresh milk)
   pinch of sugar
   pinch of salt

    Method   :

    Boil water and blanch long bean, broccoli and potato for about 5 minutes. Removed

    Into a deep pot or wok, pour instant curry laksa paste in it and add onion and chili  and lemon grass to
    fry for a while.

    Add water and bring to a boil. Add potato, tofu puff, broccoli and long bean. Gently mix well.

    Add in the fish slices, turn heat to low. Pour in the coconut milk(fresh milk). Let it simmer for 2 mins
    and dish up to serve.

Fish Curry with Vegetables

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