Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boyfriend's Lamb Chop

Must be curious_hah why I named this dish as Boyfriend's Lamb Chop. This recipe is actually from my boyfriend and he has promoted to a better position, which is my husband. LOL!!! He loves this very much and I can say he is very good at cooking this Lamb Chop. I think partly because of this I marry him. He used to cook a lot of this Lamb Chop for me before we got married. It has really impressed me with his passion in cooking. Not say that he is only good at this perhaps there are a few more specialty   dishes I like from his collections, for example waxed duck rice, stir-fry yu choy with chili padi, kunyit fried chicken and kampung fried rice which is posted earlier at my blog. If im not mistaken he is only good at these few dishes cause whenever if I'm not cooking or gone to the park with the kids, we will be able to see one of the above dishes on the table waiting for us to come home. I can say he is a very romantic person and a good father. But nowadays he seems to be getting more busier and I think its time for me to cook this for everyone now. Sounds fair, right!! Back to the Lamb Chop, it is a super easy to make and yet very juicy and delicious meal. This Lamb Chop makes me become his wife and make me cook for him forever and ever. I bet he can't see this cause he barely got time to browse at my blog.
Boyfriend's Lamb Chop
    Ingredients   :

    8     pieces lamb lion chops,  1 inch thick
    1/2  teaspoon black pepper 
    1/2  teaspoon salt
    3     teaspoon oyster sauce
  *marinate lamb for 20 minutes

    To serve with  :

    french fries
    tomato slice
    curly lettuce or any vegetables
    ketchup or chili sauce

     Method    :

    Fry the lamb chop in wok or pan with 1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil ( or grill in oven).

    Fry lamb about 3 minutes on each side or depends how cooked you want it to be, i like it to be well 
    done and slightly burned at sides.

    Arrange french fries, curly lettuce and tomato slices.

    Serve immediately.

    Enjoy with your loved one.
Boyfriend's Lamb Chop

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