Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crispy Vegetarian Goose

Among all the vegetarian dishes, Vegetarian Goose is considered my first choice. Especially those which are made by my mother in law. She makes the best Vegetarian Goose i've ever had. She really put in a lot of time and patience when she makes Vegetarian Goose. Talk about it I have not eaten her Vegetarian Goose for quite sometime already. Haiya! I should have asked her to make me some when she came to visit us last year. By the way, this is not my mother in law recipe but it still tastes very yummy. Try it, you will know.

Crispy Vegetarian Goose

    Ingredients   :

    10     slices bean curd skins
    1/2    teaspoon sesame oil
    1/2    teaspoon dark sauce
    1       teaspoon soy sauce
    1       cube red fermented bean curd
    112   teaspoon sugar
    1/3    cup water
    pinch of salt

    Method   :

    Mix well the above ingredients in a bowl. Open one of the bean curd skin, scoop some of the sauce 
    and spread on the bean curd. Fold the bean curd into a rectangle shape and pin it with some toothpicks
    Repeat the process with all the bean curd skin and sauce.

    Place all the wrapped bean curd skin in a steamer and steam for about 10 minutes. Remove and leave
    it to cold.

    Get ready some hot oil and fry the bean curd on each side until crispy or golden brown. Remove from
    place it on a strainer. Leave it cold, remove toothpicks before cut. 


Crispy Vegetarian Goose

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