Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mixed Fruit Punch Cocktail

I've been having this Mixed Fruit Punch Cocktail recipe since I was a teenage. If I'm not mistaken I got this recipe from one of my sisters. The ingredients are very simply, just fruits and juice. I modified a tiny bit by adding in more fruits and gelatin. As for the red wine or any kind of wine, it is depending if you like it or not. It is very refreshing. I like to add a lot of watermelon. It is definitely very suitable for parties or after a heavy meal. I just love it.
Mixed Fruit Punch Cocktail

   Ingredients    :

   Any kind of fruits at your wish, I used : -

   Watermelon, cut small cubes
   Cantaloupe, cut small cubes 
   Pineapple, cut  small cubes
   Strawberry, cut small cubes
   Apple, cut small cubes
   Kiwi, cut small cubes
   Agar - agar, cut small cubes
   Red wine - 2 tablespoon ( you can omit this)

 *Pineapple, cut small cubes
 *Water - 1   cup
 *Sugar - 1/2 cup
  ( Boil all * ingredients on low heat for about 10 minutes, remove and leave it to cool)

   Method    :

   Into a big glass jar/bowl, dump in all the cut fruits and pour in the pineapple sugar juice.

   Add orange juice or any kind at your wish. I sometimes used Ribena juice.

   Gently mix well everything equally, place it in the fridge before serve.


Mixed Fruit Punch Cocktail

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