Friday, August 19, 2011

Vietnamese Style Pork Chop with Rice

Delicious Vietnamese Style Pork Chop with Rice is presented. Can't describe how tasty was this pork chop especially served with jasmine rice. When comes to Vietnamese cuisine this is one of the well known and a must order when eating in any of the Vietnamese restaurants. Btw, can you see the mistake i've made here? It is because I add black sauce. A tiny bit makes this pork chop turns out so dark. Don't worry, in the recipe, no black sauce is needed. Last but not least no doubt, it is dark but it still taste yummy.
Vietnamese Style Pork Chop with Rice

   Ingredients   :

   6     slice pork chop with bone ( centre cut)
   3     teaspoon fish sauce
   1     teaspoon oyster sauce
   1     teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
   1     teaspoon light soy sauce
   1     teaspoon cooking wine ( i used VSOP)
   1     teaspoon sugar
   1/2  teaspoon salt
   1/2  teaspoon lime juice
   3     stalks lemon grass, smashed
   2     bulb shallot, mince
   2     cloves garlic, mince
   1     teaspoon ginger, mince

   Method   :

   In a bowl marinate pork with all the above ingredients for about 4 - 6 hours or place it in the fridge

   Remove from fridge and thaw. Discard marinate. 

   Heat up the wok or pan on medium heat, add about two teaspoon cooking oil. Add in the pork, fry 
   each side for about 5 - 8 minutes.

   Prepare a plate, Scoop up rice and place into small rice bowl and put it on a plate and flip it over. 
   When the pork chop is ready, place it on the plate and arrange tomato and cucumber slice, lettuce and
   cilantro. I prefer to add some fried garlic on the top.


Vietnamese Style Pork Chop with Rice

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