Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese New Year Treats - Bee Hive (Kuih Ros)

Another traditional aromatic, crispy and addictive Chinese New Year cookie, Bee Hive/ Kuih Ros/ Kuih Loyang whatever you want to call it as. This is definitely one of my favorite but I find that a bit greasy but if is only once in a while especially during Chinese New Year, no problem I thought hehe!!

Chinese New Year Cookie - Bee Hive

Ingredients    :

   3              eggs
   2              can coconut milk (800ml)
   180 - 200 gm sugar
   2              tablespoon flour
   180          gm rice flour
   1              tablespoon corn flour

   Need to prepare   :

   1 0r 2           Bee Hive mould
   1 pair           Wooden Chopsticks
   21/2             Cup Vegetable Oil ( for frying)

    Method     :

    Use mixer to mix-well all the ingredients till becomes watery batter. Sieve to prevent lumps. Put it
    aside for 1/2 hours or more. Scoop some batter mixture into a small bowl.

    Heat up the wok to medium heat, pour in the vegetables oil, preheat mould inside the hot oil ( must be
    hot enough for the batter cling on the mould) and use the mould to dip into the batter. Immediately put
    the mould with batter covered mould into the hot oil. Make sure the batter not coats on top of the
    mould. Slightly shake the mould a little bit, the batter will detached from the mould, if not, use a
    chopstick to help to remove it. Be patient the first  few of the bee hive is a little difficult to detached
    from the mould, need to use chopstick to help to releasing it.

    Fry until golden brown, repeat with all the batter until it used up.
    Leave it to cool completely before store in containers.


Bee Hive Cookie


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